Data management

Disparate data sets have unique levels of importance

Data related to network performance or cybersecurity may require real-time observation to enable immediate action whenever necessary, whereas marketing and sales data can just be sent directly to their respective platforms for specialized analysis by those teams. Still other data may not have any short-term value and can therefore be sent directly to storage.

Onum data management


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    Enable data streams

    All current and future data streams can be multiplexed to multiple analytics platforms in real time, as well as any past data, to support specialized reporting needs or disparate use cases that optimize the performance and cost of each platform. Multiplexing can be configured to run for short, finite timeframes, or it can be permanent.

  • Onum multiplexing

    Replace an existing platform

    Configure alerts and dashboards in the new platform for each data source and test all queries to ensure that each data source yields the same results on both platforms. Once you are satisfied with the results, the original platform can be retired with confidence that no visibility will be lost.

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    Investigations and regulatory compliance

    Data that needs to be observed in real time can be sent to one analytics platform while the specific data that's only required when an investigation is in progress is sent to a different destination.

  • Onum long term storage

    Long term storage

    Since the Onum Platform knows where all data has been stored and for what periods of time, it can easily be configured to pull all required data from any number of storage platforms and rehydrate that data into the analytics platform when needed.

Onum arquitecture

A data set is routinely sent to a single analytics platform

Sometimes it's desirable to add another platform, either temporarily or permanently. This can be the case when you need to run a one-off or infrequent report that requires a different analytics platform, you want to have different destinations based on use case or nature of the data, or if you're considering replacing one of your existing analytics platforms and first need to thoroughly vet the new one and work out all the kinks.

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