Superior Performance: Do More With Less

Onum delivers best-in-class optimization and data processing in real time, enabling you to:

  • Significantly reduce your infrastructure and cloud costs
  • Infinitely scale your cores and instances without disrupting service
  • Add new functionality to maximize your investment
  • Solve multiple use cases with a single platform

Onum Performance at a Glance:

Onum delivers unparalleled speed and efficiency

Onum efficiently collects and observes data as close as possible to where it’s generated, for real-time data observation and alerting across your hybrid network.

Onum performance

Substantial cost savings

Onum requires significantly less infrastructure to run, yet it processes 5X the number of events per second as the closest competitor. This translates into substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings for organizations of all sizes.

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Onum Scalability

Infinitely scalable

Onum allows you to simply add listeners and managers to wherever you want to gather more data and they automatically will interface with the Onum Cloud. Similarly, to boost workload capacity, simply deploy more workers in your cluster. The Onum Platform will automatically balance the workloads for you.

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Onum performance

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