Take complete control over your data 

Even a delay of a few minutes can translate to millions of dollars in expense to the business. Only Onum observes data as it traverses the wire to help you discern potential issues in real time.

Onum Pipeline
Ease of use

Seamlessly integrate with what you already have

Onum enables you to maximize your investment in your existing infrastructure by easily integrating with all other analysis tools and storage platforms across your IT stack ― for insights from any data, using any format, from any source.

Onum Easily view

Easily view your entire environment

Large, complex, hybrid environments make it nearly impossible to keep track of, and understand what is happening with, your critical data. Onum solves these problems with a graphical home page that makes it easy to see data flow throughout your entire environment ― all color-coded for rapid recognition.

Onum Effortlessly Deploy

Effortlessly deploy and administer

Many orchestration and analytics platforms require long, complex deployments and specialized skills to administer, including unique programming languages and command line interfaces. In contrast, Onum can be deployed quickly and easily in even the most complex environments using an intuitive graphical user interface ― no code required.

Flexible deployment

Supports flexible deployment options

Onum is the only data observability platform that can support truly hybrid environments, to deliver real-time orchestration and observation of combined multi-cloud and physical on-premises data streams.

Designed to work in hybrid, distributed environments, the same product can be deployed on-premises, in the Onum public cloud, or in your own private cloud. And using Edge computing as a design principle, Onum efficiently reaches and orchestrates all events, logs, metrics, and traces across all data sources and destinations ― including physical on-premises assets, those in multiple public and private clouds (e.g., GCP, AWS, Azure), and IoT devices at various locations and layers of the network.

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