About us

At the end of 2022, we set out to build the industry’s first edge data observability platform

We give customers complete control over their data by providing real-time observation and orchestration.

Onum helps organizations turn the noise of their vast amounts of data into something meaningful while cutting the infrastructure they have dedicated to orchestration by up to 80%.

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Our story

Onum was founded at the end of 2022 to deal with the growing deluge of data, as well as the increased costs, inefficiencies, and lack of visibility that ensue as a result. Onum’s leadership team has spent many years carefully listening to and understanding customer needs in the data analytics space. This has allowed us to develop a truly disruptive technology that will allow our customers to remove the noise from their data and leave the meaningful part of it behind. With Onum, our customers have the context they require to make timely, informed decisions regarding their cybersecurity, network performance, and infrastructure management by reducing costs and optimizing their current analytics and data storage platforms.

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Our mission

We are committed to helping our customers take the vast amounts of data that’s generated every day and help them cut through that noise while leaving the meaningful part of it behind. By developing the industry’s only truly agnostic edge data observability platform, Onum enables organizations to gain deep insights from any type of data, using any format, from any source.

And by collecting and observing that data at the edge, as close as possible to where it’s being generated, we deliver real-time observations, enabling customers to take decisive action to prevent network downtime, payment system failures, malware infections, and more ― all while reducing costs and optimizing their current data storage and analytics platforms. 

Our team

We’re a team on a mission

We combine the power of people and data to shape the emerging data paradigm.