Onum understands that most organizations lack the time and bandwidth to develop every data flow by hand. That’s why we’ve developed the Onum Marketplace. By providing access to shared data flows, community tools, and value-add modules that have been posted by Onum, as well as other Onum customers and partners, the Onum Marketplace further extends the platform’s out-of-the-box capabilities. Most of these will be offered free of charge; however, for some third-party components, the owner may charge a nominal fee.

Onum marketplace
Onum Network and netflow analysis
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Network and netflow analysis

The platform allows for real-time computation of millions of network flows per second, enabling you to process your company's network flows in real time without latency.


You only need to store the result of your analysis, which helps reduce storage costs.


With the streaming processing capability of your network, you can detect real-time connections of un-inventoried servers, discover internal connections between servers, create your real-time activity map, and trigger alerts for your outliers.

Onum data exfiltration
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Data Exfiltration

Onum is a Near Real Time (NRT) platform that can provide you with exfiltration alerts without any latency, significantly enhancing your cybersecurity posture. This immediate alerting capability enables you to quickly respond to potential threats, minimizing the chances of data loss or unauthorized access. With the ability to invoke Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) or trigger other alerts, Onum helps reduce your response time considerably. This feature is crucial for modern businesses where every second counts to prevent or mitigate security incidents.
Onum Canary
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Canary Tokens

The Onum platform can integrate with Canary Tokens or deception tools early on to detect intrusion attempts or information leaks. These responses are captured on-the-fly, enabling a proactive stance in identifying and mitigating potential security threats.
Onum Data anonymization
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Data anonymization

Do you need to send data to an external analytics platform? The Onum platform offers Near Real Time (NRT) tokenization or encryption of information, allowing you to leverage the capabilities of SaaS products or external analytical tools without losing control over your information. This ensures that you can adhere to stringent compliance regulations, balancing the need for insightful analytics with the imperative of robust data security, thereby creating a resilient framework for data management and analysis within your organization.

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