Onum receives $28 million to help you manage your growing data challenges

April 10, 2024
Author:Jeff Aboud

Onum helps you manage your growing data challenges

It’s no secret that data has grown in size and diversity over the past several years, making it increasingly unmanageable. Not too long ago, we had perfect visibility of our network because it was all on-premises. Data was generated in our data centers and on desktop client machines. Easy to see, easy to manage, no major worries. But oh, have times changed!

Today, data can come from literally anywhere. Not just from data centers and client desktops. Not even just from resources tucked away in public and private cloud environments. But anywhere, from the phone in your pocket or the watch on your wrist, to millions of sensors spread all over the world to collect myriad types of data. Even sensors on your clothing can generate enormous amounts of data. And in modern connected environments, the overwhelming amount of this data ends up touching the corporate network in some way.

That means an overwhelming amount of data, comprising all types and formats, with dramatically different levels of value to the organization, is intermixed across your network. This, in turn, makes it near impossible for IT and security administrators to isolate their valuable data from the noise and to use actionable data for business-critical decisions.

For years, despite everything IT and security leaders have thrown at the problem, it continues to grow more complicated. That’s because just about every tool out there is built to solve a specific use case. Data observation and orchestration tools are no exception; they’re built specifically to reduce the amount of data you send to your data analytics platforms, so you can save money by only analyzing the data that’s most important. While this is great, and certainly serves a real need in the market, that’s all they do. Sure, they enrich, normalize, and optimize the data to add more contextual value to the data prior to routing it to data analytics, but all of that still serves the larger data reduction use case.

But what if data reduction was only one of many use cases your data observation platform was capable of?

We think so, too. That’s why Onum is pleased to announce that we’ve secured $28 million in new funding to continue our mission to do exactly that. Onum takes a holistic view of the data in transit to deliver IT and Security leaders the deep insights they need to make rapid decisions ― all in pure real time. And it can be configured to send real-time alerts when anomalies, potential problems, or security issues are observed.

Data reduction is only the first use case that Onum has focused on. Because the Onum platform was architected to process data based on the organization’s needs, not just reduce it, Onum can power any number of use cases ― limited only by your imagination. In fact, many of our customers are already using Onum for a wide range of use cases, including security response, risk reduction, compliance, customer usage, and network efficiency.

With the additional funding, Onum plans to increase our product development efforts and add even more functionality to help customers gain deep real-time insights, regardless of their use case.

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