Use Cases

Behavior-based optimization

When an analytics platform has been utilized for a long period of time, it's typical for it to become bloated with data that's no longer required. The reason is simple: over time, queries and reports that have been built for an express purpose are no longer necessary or fall out of favor, or the person or department requiring the report is no longer with the company. However, the data required to populate these reports and queries is still being actively sent to the platform, because there's no time to audit what's in use.

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The Onum Platform solves this challenge by enabling you to use out-of-the-box flows, or develop a new flow, to detect these events in real time. Once an event is identified, it will automatically query Active Directory or Oracle to extract additional information regarding the connected user. This additional information will be added to the event prior to sending it to the analytics platform. Depending on what information is extracted, the event may also be sent to an internal application to trigger an alert.