Onum launches first real-time observability platform

November 14, 2023
Onum founders: Pedro Castillo, Lucas Varela, and Pedro Tortosa

The launch of Onum, the first truly agnostic platform for real-time data observation, which promises to revolutionize the market, is now final.

Madrid, November 14, 2023 

Founded by professionals specialized in technology and cybersecurity, Pedro Castillo, Lucas Valera and Pedro Tortosa, it is a unique innovative approach that helps IT and security leaders transform the noise of any company's data into something meaningful.

Onum has been developing the platform since 2022, thanks to the initial financing round of $12 million led by Insight Partners and Kibo Ventures. This week, the company announced its initial market launch.

For more than 15 years, companies have used data analytics platforms to understand critical information such as network latency, potential security threats, and potential for outages. However, the amount of data generated by devices around the world has grown exponentially in recent years, causing this data to become increasingly unmanageable, with IT and security leaders unable to distinguish valuable data from noise.

Data orchestration platforms were developed to handle this explosive growth, due to their ability to reduce, enrich, normalize, and optimize data. But these platforms only solve part of the challenge. While they reduce costs and increase efficiency, they fail to make real-time observations, wasting valuable time that any business needs to take decisive action based on warning signs in the data.

For this reason, Castillo, Varela and Tortosa have created Onum, the world's first truly agnostic Edge data observability platform, which collects any type of data, from any source, and allows it to be filtered, reduced, enriched, normalized, and optimized. The data is then routed in real time to the appropriate destination, giving companies greater control over their data so they can make the best decisions in the shortest time possible. Unlike typical data orchestration platforms, as data is collected and observed, it sends alerts about anomalies, potential problems and security issues, in real time, enabling IT and security leaders to take decisive action based on warning signs in the data. Onum also provides the necessary audit and compliance controls so that the client knows at every moment that data was sent to each platform, when, how and why.

As confirmed by Pedro Castillo, "The company plans to begin commercial activity with national clients in the short term, although at some point next year, our goal is to expand the market from Spain to all of Europe and the US."

Likewise, in the future it is expected, in the words of Lucas Varela and Pedro Tortosa: “We estimate that by 2024, Onum will have more functions and features added to the product, directly related to Artificial Intelligence and a MarketPlace of applications on the Onum platform.”