Integrations with PagerDuty

June 26, 2024

Automate incident management and response time by integrating PagerDuty into your Onum platform.

An Onum-PagerDuty integration will enhance your organization´s efficiency and ensure reliable service delivery by coordinating timely responses to critical events.

To connect Onum to PagerDuty, all you need is an Integration Key.

How to create an Integration Key

Follow these steps to create an integration key for your PagerDuty service:

Log in to your PagerDuty account.
Navigate to the Services tab and select Create a Service.

Next, assign your Escalation Policy.

escalation policy PagerDuty

Choose your Integration wisely.

For a heavier workload, we recommend the Events API to process Onum events and create new alerts/incidents, or update any that exist.

events api pagerduty

Once the service is created, you will be provided with an integration key. Copy this key for later use.

integration key

Now you're ready to configure your Sink in Onum.