The importance of ServiceNow

May 31, 2024

The ServiceNow AI-driven platform automates multiple management workflows in enterprises.

ServiceNow is a cloud platform that offers an array of services and applications designed for IT and workflow management. Incidence integration allows Onum to create an instance in ServiceNow when a problem has been detected or to create alerts and possible incidents.

The ServiceNow sink allows for the creation of incidents on the ServiceNow platform.

How to connect to ServiceNow

To utilize the ServiceNow sink, you must first create a personal developer instance. ServiceNow offers free Personal Developer Instances, which you can use to test incidents.

Once logged into your ServiceNow instance, you need to create a user that will be used in the sink to create incidents. To do this, navigate to the dashboard and in the search bar, enter "users." Under either Users and Groups or User Administration, click on Users.

Clicking on the Users tab will display a list of all users, where you can add new users by clicking the New button in the top right corner. For detailed instructions, refer to the Add user docs.

users list servicenow

First, create a new user and then set the password. Generate a new password and store it for later use.

savepassword ServiceNow

Ensure the user has the snc_platform_rest_api_acccess set. To set the user role, click the Roles tab in the user details view.

user roles ervicenow


The required fields are short_description, which will be set through the event, and caller_id, which will be set in the configuration. caller_id represents the user who created the configuration, and you can set this to the User ID from the user form.

Incidents will be created using event fields.


  "caller_id": "user123",
  "comments": "Additional comments here",
  "category": "IT",
  "correlation_display": "Alert Label",
  "correlation_id": "correlation123",
  "description": "Description of the incident",
  "impact": "1",
  "severity": "2",
  "short_description": "ServiceNow Incident",
  "subcategory": "Software",
  "urgency": "1"

To find incidents on ServiceNow platform, open the dashboard and search for incident. Click on All under Incident.

In the list of Incidents, filter incidents based on Caller & enter the User you created or order by latest.

incident list ServiceNow

Now you're ready to configure your Sink in Onum.