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What Is Onum?

Real-Time Data Observability

As the only truly agnostic data observability platform, Onum observes and adds value to your data in transit to deliver pure real-time alerts on abnormalities, potential security risks, and system troubles. It seamlessly integrates with your existing IT stack to help you gain deep insights from any type of data, from any source. Onum also helps you optimize your data analytics platform costs by reducing the data, avoiding vendor lock-in, and aligning the value of each dataset with the specific actions taken. To maximize your efficiency, the Onum marketplace provides shared data flows, community tools, and value-add modules to power additional use cases as your needs grow.

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Artificial Intelligence

Convert your data into intelligence

Through our use of generative artificial intelligence, only Onum delivers deep insights to help you identify the relative value of each data field, so you can optimize your data reduction strategy ― to reduce costs and maximize efficiency.

Routing and orchestration

The data you need, when and where you need it

All data is pre-processed to filter, reduce, enrich, aggregate, optimize, and route it to the appropriate destination in real time; copies of the data can be shared between multiple analytics tools for specialized analysis.

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Onum performance

Unprecedented performance

Onum is 122X more efficient than the closest competitor, delivering superior performance while only requiring a fraction of the infrastructure investment. This efficiency empowers customers with greater capacity for new functionality and infrastructure savings.

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Vendor lock-in

Power a wide range of use cases

Onum’s out-of-the-box capabilities can be easily extended with shared data flows, community tools, and value-add modules ― enabling you to add more value to your data in real time, and build your own use cases.

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Onum compliance and control

Have full control of your data

Regardless of the actions you take, a full fidelity version of the original data is kept to facilitate regulatory compliance. And all movements are tracked to deliver full traceability of where, when, and why you sent every piece of data.

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Benefits of the Onum Platform:

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